After the Excitement and Success of Surfex 2018, BTC UK are Already Looking Ahead to the 2020 Event.

After the excitement and success of Surfex 2018, BTC UK are already looking ahead to the 2020 event.

BTC Europe serves the Coatings industry with a well-established portfolio of BASF Resins, Performance Additives, Formulation Additives and Effect Pigments, Inorganic and Organic Pigments  and Pigment Preparations. BASF continuously adds new products to their range including sparkling  new effects and novel formulation additives.  We look forward to showcasing new arrivals at Surfex  2020 ‐ latest releases are available now from BTC UK.

Our latest addition for the Coatings and Printing Inks industry are the BASF Oxygenated Solvents – a  range of versatile solvents and co‐solvents including alcohols, glycol ethers and glycol‐ether acetates.

BASF Solvenon® glycol‐ethers are ideal for water‐based coatings with an eye to air‐quality and the  demands of low‐VOC formulations. Optimum film formation in water‐based coatings relies on a  suitable coalescent to impart properties such as adhesion and gloss levels. Solvenon® types have  outstanding film‐building and drying properties perfectly suited to dispersion paints. They offer a  wide range of evaporation temperatures allowing formulators to finely tune their recipes and adapt  each system to a wide range of temperature and humidity demands.

Solvenon® PnB, DPnB and TPnB are now all available from BTC UK.

Please contact Chris Morgan for more information chris.morgan@btc‐

We look forward to seeing you on stand 203 at Surfex 2020.