Tag: March ’21.

Take a closer look at silicate-based masonry paints

Durable and environmentally friendly, silicate paints are growing in popularity with forward-looking manufacturers and it’s not hard to see why. The multiple benefits offered by silicate coating technology make silicate systems ideal to meet challenging modern demands. In particular, they offer significant environmental benefits as they are solvent free and not based on petrochemical raw... Read more »

Raw material availability & price hikes may end up as 2021’s biggest issue

Lack of availability of key raw materials and packaging, and significant price increases are causing significant disruption to the coatings and printing ink industries in the UK and across Europe. There are four significant trends affecting raw material prices: Strong global market demand has led to shortages on many raw materials The oil price has... Read more »

What is Ellipsometry?

Ellipsometry measures a change in polarisation as light reflects or transmits from a material structure. The polarisation change is represented as an amplitude ratio, Ψ, and the phase difference, Δ. The measured response depends on optical properties and thickness of individual materials. Thus, ellipsometry is primarily used to determine film thickness and optical constants. However,... Read more »

Xfast® Easy Color: Clean. Convenient. Superior.

Xfast® from BASF Colors & Effects is an innovative pigment preparation supplied in a novel granule form for solid-dosing of in-plant and point-of-sale coatings. Used in conjunction with the latest dispensing machinery XF200 from our partners at Hero , a customized formulation of colorant can now be dosed directly into the base paint for easy... Read more »

Siltech: One Evolutionary Path of Organofunctional Silanes

Siltech: One Evolutionary Path of Organofunctional Silanes: Alkoxysilane Functional Silicones and their Applications For many decades now, organofunctional silanes have been used as surface treatments, adhesion promoters, dispersants or for cross linking in condensation cured systems.  These monomeric materials are generically represented by (R1O)3Si-R2.  The R1 alkoxy groups are often methyl but ethyl, propyl, and... Read more »

alpha SE Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

J A Woollam alpha SE Spectroscopic Ellipsometer – for spectral range of 380-900 nm For routine measurements of thin film thickness and refractive index, this ellipsometer allows you to mount a sample, choose the model that matches your film, and press “measure”. You have results within seconds. With fast measurement speed and push-button operation, the... Read more »

Why use waterborne epoxy resins and hardeners?

Since the discovery of the ambient curing epoxides and amines and the commercialisation of bisphenol-A based epoxy resins, two component epoxy amine systems have conquered a large part of the coatings, composites and adhesives market. This success is largely attributable to the excellent intrinsic properties of these systems, which are: Anti-corrosion Broad adhesion Mechanical properties... Read more »

Water-based Industrial Paints

The use of ORDISOL SWT-27 and ORDISOL SWT-45 for water-based industrial paints Concentrol is a family-owned chemical company, with over 200 products within their portfolio, providing solutions to your additive needs in a wide range of applications including coatings, inks, adhesives, textiles, water treatment and construction. Ordisol SWT-27 and Ordisol SWT-45 were evaluated in aqueous... Read more »