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Will the UK coatings industry experience a Brexit dividend?

Will the UK coatings industry experience a Brexit dividend? View On-Demand Tom Bowtell CEO BCF Coatings and printing ink industry sales trends, economic drivers for the sector and balance of trade with the EU and other trading partners David Park Public Affairs Manager BCF Impact of EU exit on BCF members in the first weeks’... Read more »

Presentations by the NIA

Presentations by the NIA View On-Demand Dr Sean Kelly Senor Project Manager Nanotechnology Industries Association Advancing into a new world in coatings and surfaces– the translation of Nano into Advanced Materials and implications for regulation and policy  Nanomaterials have evolved over the last decade to shape regulatory changes worldwide, and, with constant innovation in materials... Read more »

European Poison Centre Notifications (PCN)

European Poison Centre Notifications (PCN) View On Demand Nirav Banker Business Head (UK, Asia-Pacific and Middle East) SIAM U.K. Dr. Pilar Ortiz-Alías Regulatory Affairs SIAM S.L., Spain The new Annex VIII to the CLP Regulation, defines the harmonised requirements for Poison Centre Notifications (PCN) applicable as of the start of 2021. Importers and/or downstream users... Read more »

OCCA Digital Week Webinar

10 March 2:30pm GMT High Performance Catalysts for Solvent Borne Oxidatively Curing Coatings Register Here Allison Musto Technical Service Manager Europe Borchers GmbH Coatings based on oxidatively cured alkyd resins have relied on conventional metal carboxylate driers for decades. Today, the most used metal carboxylate is cobalt. Although cobalt and metal carboxylate surface driers are... Read more »

Live demonstration of IKA’s Rotavisc Viscometer

Live demonstration of IKA’s Rotavisc Viscometer View On-Demand Kevin Mann Senior Sales Manager IKA England IKA’s Rotavisc Viscometers are capable of measuring the viscosity of a variety of samples such as resins, coatings and gels. With modern features, a 10 year warranty and UK based service, the Rotavisc is a reliable lab partner. Join us... Read more »

Turkey KKDIK – Get Ready for Pre-registration and Registration

Turkey KKDIK - Get ready for pre-registration and registration View On-Demand Sophie Guinard Yordas Many hundreds of companies are busy pre-registering their substances in advance of the 31 December 2020 pre-registration deadline in Turkey. Alongside the pre-registration are other related obligations such as C&L notification and SDS certification. With the registration window about to start,... Read more »