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Less is more – BASF plasticisers from circular feedstocks

BASF are now using circular feedstocks to produce sustainable plasticisers.   The BASF ChemCycling™ initiative aims to manufacture products based on chemically recycled plastic waste. Working with selected partners they use a process called pyrolisis to transform plastic waste into a secondary raw material. The resultant oil is then fed into BASF's integrated production plants and allocated to selected sales products, which subsequently... Read more »

BASF primer formulations become sprayable

The Acronal® acrylic and styrene-acrylic dispersions are now being formulated into modern water-based sprayable primer formulations that meet the criteria for ease of use and environmental considerations. Primers can be designed for use on a variety of dense and/or absorbent substrates such as metals, ceramics, wood and gypsum or cement based surfaces and others such... Read more »

Xfast® Easy Color: Clean. Convenient. Superior.

Xfast® from BASF Colors & Effects is an innovative pigment preparation supplied in a novel granule form for solid-dosing of in-plant and point-of-sale coatings. Used in conjunction with the latest dispensing machinery XF200 from our partners at Hero , a customized formulation of colorant can now be dosed directly into the base paint for easy... Read more »

BASF introduces the Joncryl® 953X

BASF introduces the Joncryl® 953X portfolio for protective woodgrain enhancement Natural materials like wood are enjoying growing popularity in the furniture & flooring sector. They are an obvious choice for enhancing the look and feel of our living and working spaces, with an particular emphasis on displaying the beauty of visible and contrasting wood grains.... Read more »