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REACH compliance in light of missing tools and rules and what nano needs to catch up

The REACH annexes have recently been updated with specific data requirements needed for nanomaterials (Regulation (EC) 1881/2018).  As of the 1st January 2020 the regulation is now in full force.  However, the novel properties of nanoforms leads to novel problems with regard to testing.  Therefore, many standard tests may not be applicable.  Further, traditional cut-offs… Read more »

Thermo-chemical surface treatment of nanocarbon materials

Nanocarbon materials, such as carbon nanotubes and graphenes, have attracted enormous interest due to their remarkable intrinsic properties and broad range of potential applications. The ability to tailor the surface chemistry of nanocarbons is of crucial importance to ease nanocarbon processing and enable integration into existing and new technologies. We explore a new versatile thermo-chemical… Read more »

Advancing into a new world in coatings and surfaces– the translation of Nano into Advanced Materials and implications for regulation and policy

Nanomaterials have evolved over the last decade to shape regulatory changes worldwide, and, with constant innovation in materials and processes, a new king is in town, Advanced Materials. Increasingly, policy makers, public authorities and funding agencies refer to advanced materials, with the European Commission moving away from reference to nanomaterials and into a focus on… Read more »

Novel Water Based Epoxy Curing Agents to Maximize Productivity and Performance

The coatings industry faces challenges of stringent, low emission requirements while fulfilling the need to improve productivity and reduce costs, without affecting coating performance. This presentation discusses the development of a new waterborne epoxy curing agent based on novel amine technology. It provides extremely fast cure, even under adverse conditions, such as low temperature and… Read more »