We Live Colors. We Boost Effects.

We live colors. We boost effects.

Last month BASF Colors and Effects® launched their new corporate website designed to offer an on-line service platform for customers interacting with the portfolio. The digital hub incorporates the Pigment Finder Tool, first launched in 2019, to create a highly centralized and personalized experience for customers looking for product-related content. The portal has been designed to meet the needs of colour customers looking for solutions in the cosmetics, plastics, coatings, printing and agriculture markets. Incorporating classic pigments, brilliant effects, masterbatch solutions and preparations in both solid and liquid forms, the site enables users to fully explore product information related to their industry-specific requirements.

With comprehensive information on sustainability positioning, the latest colour trends and innovations that offer unprecedented possibilities in styling and function, the new website provides one-stop access to all our chemical and market expertise in colors and effects. You can access the platform here and register for your personal user account.

For further information on the portfolio of colourants supplied by BTC UK please contact Chris Morgan, Head of Sales Coatings, Plastics & Adhesives, christopher.morgan@btc-europe.com