Blagden to Distribute BYK-Gardner Physical Testing Instruments

Blagden to distribute BYK-Gardner physical testing instruments

Blagden Specialty Chemicals has been appointed UK distribution partner for BYK-Gardner to supply objective measurement solutions guaranteeing reliable quality control for colour, appearance and testing of physical material properties.

“Blagden has been the distributor of the BYK-Chemie range of additives for more than 20 years,” said Ross Straughan, Blagden’s Commercial General Manager. “Now, with the BYK-Gardner range, we can offer complete and unique solutions for the coatings, printing inks and plastics industries, from performance to appearance to physical testing.”

BYK-Gardner products enable customers to set up standardised and efficient quality control management systems for their complete supply chain. The combination of innovative instrument technologies such as LED light sources or hightech camera detectors alongside manufacturing excellence make BYK-Gardner products not only outstanding but unique in their performance.

The BYK-Gardner range includes quality control instruments offering the following:
Appearance measurement: Uniform appearance is an important quality criterion of multi-component products made by various suppliers. BYK-Gardner offers objective measurement solutions to guarantee reliable quality control including portable gloss meters, orange peel and DOI meters, mottling meters and haze meters.
Colour measurement: Colour harmony influences the perception of product quality and therefore plays a key role in the purchasing decision. For objective colour control, solid colours are measured by single angle spectrophotometers whereas effect finishes require multi-angle spectrophotometers that simulate different viewing angles and lighting conditions.
Film application: BYK-Gardner offers a large selection of applicator bars, frames, and wire-wound rods to enable the evaluation of coatings and inks. To improve the consistency of a drawdown, various automatic film applicators are available.
Liquid paint and coatings testing: Instrumentation to test the physical properties of liquid coatings is available as well as a wide range of viscosity measurement devices, from flow cups to rotational viscometers.
Physical testing: To set-up standardised sample preparation methods and to control material properties from wet to dry stage.

To discuss your quality management and measurement needs or simply to request a new product brochure please contact: Simon Moss on 01959 560818 (email or Philip Randall on 01959 560857 (email:

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