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IKA will be exhibiting its latest laboratory & process heating and mixing technology.
New for 2020 we will be showcasing our IKA Rotavisc Viscometer. Our 4 devices can rapidly & accurately measure the viscosity of liquids/resins/gels etc. With modern features, local servicing and a lifetime warranty the Rotavisc is a reliable lab partner.
We will also be showcasing our new Multidrive device for both wet and dry milling applications. Combining IKA’s well known ULTRA-TURRAX dispersing technology with blending and milling functions all in one device. Able to grind hard and soft samples as well as mix emulsions this is an incredibly versatile device.
We will be featuring our updated LR1000 lab reactor for optimizing all aspects of formulation R&D including mixing, homogenizing for emulsions, temperature control, pH & viscosity indication and working under vacuum, all in one neat unit. We will also have our magic plant on show for pilot labs, able to mimic our larger process plants the magic plant is perfect for scale up projects.
Our latest magnetic and overhead stirrers, the RCT Digital & Mini/Microstar series will also be on show. The RCT Digital has many innovative features, the integrated timer and counter function supports the control of sensitive reactions and torque trend measurement gives a real time indicator of viscosity changes. The new Mini/Microstar series are up to 85% smaller than our Eurostar models whilst maintaining the same high performance, new adjustable vibration sensors automatically stop the stirrer if vibration is above the permitted threshold.
Market leaders trust in our proven technology for their mixing, heating, distilling and crushing applications. IKA has gained a leading position in the world market with its innovative magnetic stirrers, mixers, overhead stirrers, homogenizers, shakers, mills, rotary evaporators, laboratory reactors and specially developed software for laboratory and analysis applications. We look forward to welcoming you.


Heating and Cooling Temperature Control Instruments /// Powerful, precise, safe
HIGH-PERFORMANCE DISPERSING | T 25 easy clean digital and control


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Special Offers from IKA

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New environmentally-friendly recirculating chiller

/// RC 2 GREEN saves not only on operating costs, but also tons of CO2 Staufen, 14 September 2020 – IKA extends its range of recirculating chillers with the addition of the powerful and environmentally-friendly RC 2 GREEN basic and control models. The new devices combine a natural coolant with the tried and tested demand-controlled… Read more »

New application note for viscosity testing of varnish samples using the IKA Rotavisc Viscometer

TASK / OVERVIEW The task was to find a suitable viscometer to measure varnish samples directly in the varnish vessel. For this purpose, the relative measuring spindles that are included in the scope of delivery of the ROTAVISC hi-vi I were utilized. Five varnish samples were measured with a rotational viscometer to determine a reproducible... Read more »

IKA Special Offers

With the latest special offers from IKA, laboratories can once again trust in the latest IKA products at attractive prices. Featuring our best-selling RW 20 Digital overhead stirrer at only £800+VAT P&P. The bestseller in the laboratory: With digital display Robust, slimline, ergonomic design Technical improvements on the trusted RW 20 series designs With constant... Read more »

New environmentally-friendly recirculating chiller

/// RC 2 GREEN saves not only on operating costs, but also tons of CO2 Staufen, 14 September 2020 - IKA extends its range of recirculating chillers with the addition of the powerful and environmentally-friendly RC 2 GREEN basic and control models. The new devices combine a natural coolant with the tried and tested demand-controlled compressor technology. The result:... Read more »

New Rotavisc Helistand from IKA

The measurement of highly viscous samples such as creams, pastes, paints and gelatin is a particular challenge for static viscometers. These substances are so viscous that they are forced to the edge by the rotational movement. An air channel is created around the rotating body, which is why the acting torque is then no longer... Read more »

The agony of choice in the mixing process

The agony of choice in the mixing process /// 8 different modules for the pilot-size inline disperser Homogenizing, emulsifying, suspending, incorporation of powders, wet milling or rather dispersing? All these mixing processes are possible with the PROCESS-PILOT: The unique IKA inline dispersing machine on a pilot plant scale. With eight different optional modules, there are... Read more »

IKA World Market Leader – Again!

IKA world market leader - again! /// Survey confirms leading role in laboratory, analytical and process technology Staufen, 01/21/20 - IKA is once again listed in the world market leader index. A recent survey by the University of St.Gallen confirmed the performance and global presence of IKA as the global frontrunner in the laboratory, analytical... Read more »

NANOSTAR 7.5 Digital

NANOSTAR 7.5 digital The overhead stirrer NANOSTAR 7.5 digital is 30 % smaller than the MICROSTAR 7.5 digital and therefore even more space-saving. However, its performance remains the same. NANOSTAR 7.5 digital convinces with perfect basic functionalities, its compact design and is with just 0,8 kg easy to handle. Constant torque NANOSTAR 7.5 digital guarantees... Read more »

One Out of 60 Inventions: STARVISC 200-2.5 Control Officially Launched

One out of 60 inventions: STARVISC 200-2.5 control officially launched /// Display viscosity even during product development: the new IKA STARVISC 200-2.5 control torque-measuring stirrer makes it possible. The device was introduced as a world first at the Achema 2018 in Frankfurt and has been officially launched on August 1, 2018. The Torque measurement instrument STARVISC has... Read more »

German Design Award 2019 for IKA

German Design Award 2019 for IKA /// The T 25 easy clean disperser receives The high-performance IKA T 25 easy clean homogenizer is the first of its kind in the world for use in research, product development or quality control. Now this unique laboratory device has been lauded with the German Design Award 2019 in the "Industry"... Read more »

Measuring Viscosity with ROTAVISC

Measuring viscosity with ROTAVISC New product group among the IKA laboratory instruments After it's been produced, stirred and shaken, the viscosity of a sample can now be measured with the new ROTAVISC series from IKA. This parameter indicates the fluidity of a substance and is important for quality control in all manufacturing processes and even... Read more »


8 June 2021

14:40 - 15:00

Presentation by IKA England

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