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BTC Europe GmbH is BASF’s pan-European distribution organisation for small and mediumsized customers. Focusing on Speciality Chemicals BTC delivers a product-package expertly tailored to the needs of over 30 industries. BTC’s product portfolio includes over 6000 chemicals, manufactured by BASF including Resins, Performance Additives, Formulation Additives and Colors for Coatings applications. We are part of the BASF group. BTC’s customers have access to the body of expertise from BASF’s research and development network. Our local technical experts and dedicated customer service teams work with our customers to provide the best solution for every customer requirement. BTC are the number one technically-competent speciality chemical distributor across Europe.


NEW Irgazin® Rubine K 4082 for Plastics applications

BASF have launched Irgazin® Rubine K 4082 to strengthen their portfolio for PR264. The new grade offers superior transparency, better chroma and high saturation compared to the existing 4080. The improved product exhibits excellent durability and has been designed for use in general polyolefin, PVC and engineering plastics applications. The product is actively supported for... Read more »

Spectrasense™ Functional Heat Management Pigments from BASF

BASF Spectrasense™ are highly functional pigments for near infrared (NIR) management in a variety of applications. Beside strong coloristic properties the products are able to influence the reflection and transmission of light at certain wavelengths to support the most modern technologies required for autonomous driving, laser welding and solar heat-management. Carbon Black strongly absorbs the... Read more »

BASF’s Lab Assistant for Architectural Coatings – NEW features available! FREE Webinar introductory session in November!

BASF’s Lab Assistant is a digital formulation tool for Architectural Coatings formulators, available on-line to BASF and BTC customers. With it you can explore the full portfolio of dispersions and additives offered by BASF, allowing you access to all the information you need to quickly optimize your formulations for interior and exterior architectural and decorative... Read more »

FREE forthcoming webinar being offered by BASF for the Printing & Packaging Industry

Find out how to reduce your carbon footprint with NEW Joncryl® Biomass Balance resins for Sustainable Packaging from BASF.   Many manufacturers are asking for resins based on renewable materials in order to improve the sustainability and marketability of their products. Resins are generally based on crude oil but BASF can now substitute crude with... Read more »

BASF Lumina® Royal (exterior) Blue Russet EH 3173 (S6903D)

BASF have launched a new high chroma effect pigment for vibrant blue and red shades. The latest release joins the Lumina® Royal exterior family of effect pigments, addressing the colouristic gap between Lumina® Royal Russet and Lumina® Royal Magenta – a semi-transparent, blue-shifted russet shade with superior properties and global registration status. Based on synthetic... Read more »

Sail into a new dimension of Orange

Autumn is a time when reds, yellows and oranges take centre stage. The novel Pacific Orange L2828 pigment from BASF opens up the orange colour-space for paint formulators by providing a highly chromatic hybrid pigment chemistry designed to meet the demanding requirements of powder and industrial coatings, including for lead-chrome replacement. In comparison to other... Read more »

BASF / BTC Europe FREE Webinar: HEP N-Hydroxyethyl-2-Pyrrolidone, Hydrophilic Co-Solvent for the Formulators Toolbox.

HEP uniquely combines a high boiling-point and water-solubility allowing for diverse use as a co-solvent or extraction solvent typically in inks, coatings, cleaning, agrochemicals / pharma applications. Its hydrophilic nature and strong polar solubility also suggest its use as a humectant. Current users of 2P, GBL and NMP will be interested to learn that HEP... Read more »

September Webinar Program for BASF Performance and Formulation Additives

Topics covered this time include the Dispersing Agent Toolbox allowing label-free universal pigment concentrates, and Rheovis® PU 1340, our highly efficient Newtonian PU-thickener for flat to high-gloss coatings in the field of architectural coatings. Feedback from the last series included requests for more information on light stabilisers so there will be the opportunity to learn... Read more »

Acronol 6292

At the moment decorative and architectural paints & coatings manufacturers are looking to respond to the trend for healthier paints. Properties such as cost-competitiveness, wet-scrub resistance, hiding power, durability and cleanability must not be sacrificed to the stringent requirements of regulatory standards for indoor air quality and eco-label conformity. One of the latest developments in... Read more »

Switching to water-based glass coatings with BASF Joncryl® OH 8301

Surfex attendees will know that, in recent years, water-based coatings have gained hugely in popularity among formulators and consumers as they offer a high-quality, environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based products. The known advantages of replacing solvent with water include low odour, increased worker safety and lower volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. After extensive research among... Read more »

BASF Speciality Monomers for UV Coatings & Inks

The UV curable market has grown considerably in the last few years, outpacing conventional curing methods based on the ongoing demand for environmentally friendly and emission free products. Acrylic or methacrylic speciality monomers can be used as reactive diluents and as building blocks for polymerization in a number of conventional, speciality and UV coatings, inks... Read more »

Xfast® Easy Color – the first solid dispensing system for point-of-sale from BASF

Xfast® Easy Color – the first solid dispensing system for point-of-sale from BASF In tackling the challenges of liquid dosing in the point-of-sale (POS) business, the use of dry pigment preparations offers a next-generation alternative that can alleviate many of the old issues.   With the introduction of the innovative XF200 dispenser, the world’s first... Read more »

BASF Performance & Formulation Additives webinar program June 2020

Journey through the world of BASF’s Performance and Formulation Additives! Innovative additives are at the heart of optimised paints, coatings, adhesives and inks formulations. BASF is a premiere provider of additives with a comprehensive range of respected brands and a broad technology base of Dispersing Agents, Defoamers, Rheology Modifiers, Wetting Agents and Surface Modifiers, Film-forming Agents, Light Stabilizers, Antioxidants... Read more »

New Sicopal® inorganic pigments from BASF Colors & Effects.

New Sicopal® inorganic pigments from BASF Colors & Effects. It is always good to have new pigments to offer in the Industrial and Architectural coatings markets to help expand the colour space available to formulators. BASF have introduced two new Sicopal® inorganic pigments in Red and Turqoise hues to extend the range. Sicopal® Red L3050... Read more »

BTC introduces NEW Dispex® Ultra PX 4290 pigment dispersant from BASF Performance Additives.

BTC introduces NEW Dispex® Ultra PX 4290 pigment dispersant from BASF Performance Additives.   All coatings require innovative formulation additives to meet demanding performance parameters and stringent environmental regulations.  BTC Europe offers the full range of BASF's respected brands and technologies including dispersing agents, rheology modifiers, defoamers, wetting agents & surface modifiers and film forming agents for... Read more »

VMOX – the new Vinyl Monomer for Industrial Coatings and Printing Inks from BTC Europe.

VMOX – the new  Vinyl Monomer for Industrial Coatings and Printing Inks from BTC Europe. VMOX, the new vinyl monomer for industrial coatings and printing inks from BASF, is now listed in TSCA inventory. As of January 2020, it is therefore commercially available in USA for use in UV printing inks and 3D printing applications... Read more »

We Live Colors. We Boost Effects.

We live colors. We boost effects. Last month BASF Colors and Effects® launched their new corporate website designed to offer an on-line service platform for customers interacting with the portfolio. The digital hub incorporates the Pigment Finder Tool, first launched in 2019, to create a highly centralized and personalized experience for customers looking for product-related... Read more »

BTC Celebrate 50 Years of Serving the Chemical Distribution Market!

BTC celebrate 50 years of serving the Chemical Distribution market! In 2019 BTC Europe GmbH celebrated the birth of its company roots as "Tensid-Chemie Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH." Formed in Düren, Germany in July 1969, Tensid Chemie was established to supply surfactants and chelating agents and is the cornerstone for today’s company. In its infancy the business... Read more »

Acronal PRO 770L from BASF – Metal Loves Humidity!

Acronal PRO 770L from BASF - Metal loves Humidity! Although Surfex 2020 will be held in summer, right now the autumn rains are threatening and in order to create value in metal protection coatings, resistance to corrosion is critical. BASF has a comprehensive portfolio of water-based binders suitable for lower solvent demand metal protection applications.... Read more »

BTC Europe – One Year to Go!

BTC Europe – One Year to Go! There is only one year to go until Surfex 2020 and BTC Europe are already busy discussing some of the newly launched BASF products that will feature on their stand. BTC Europe serves the Coatings and Printing Inks industries with a well-established portfolio of BASF Resins, Performance Additives,... Read more »

After the Excitement and Success of Surfex 2018, BTC UK are Already Looking Ahead to the 2020 Event.

After the excitement and success of Surfex 2018, BTC UK are already looking ahead to the 2020 event. BTC Europe serves the Coatings industry with a well-established portfolio of BASF Resins, Performance Additives, Formulation Additives and Effect Pigments, Inorganic and Organic Pigments  and Pigment Preparations. BASF continuously adds new products to their range including sparkling ... Read more »


8 June 2021

11:20 - 11:40

Block Co-polymers As Coatings Additives

9 June 2021

11:40 - 12:00

Pigment Preparation “Xfast Easy Color”

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