DKSH’s Umicore

The Valires range of alkyd resins are suitable for use in both waterborne and solvent applications on both wood and metal for decorative and industrial applications for both interior and exterior.

Valires Range-Medium and Long Oil Alkyds – Primers,Topcoats, Decorative enamels and varnishes

Valithix Range-Thixotropic Alkyds – Varnish and Decorative Paints

Valithane Range-Urethane Alkyds – General coating applications

Valithane Range-Emulsifiable Alkyds – Improvemant of latex paint properties for fast drying Decorative and Industrial.

Valires Range -Special Fatty Acids – Fast drying decorative and Industrial waterbased Coatings.

Crosscore 5000/6024-Alkyd emulsions – High gloss decorative primers and topcoats for wood and metal.

Valires Silicone- Silicone Alkyds – Outstanding exterior performance to UV and Weathering.