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Will the UK coatings industry experience a Brexit dividend?

Will the UK coatings industry experience a Brexit dividend?

Tom Bowtell

Coatings and printing ink industry sales trends, economic drivers for the sector and balance of trade with the EU and other trading partners

David Park
Public Affairs Manager

Impact of EU exit on BCF members in the first weeks’ trading since the end of transition, and longer term opportunities and threats

Emily Bradley
Regulatory Affairs Manager

How will Brexit impact Chemical Regulations in the UK?

Panel Q&A session with the above three speakers

Presentations by the NIA

Presentations by the NIA

Dr Sean Kelly
Senor Project Manager
Nanotechnology Industries Association

Advancing into a new world in coatings and surfaces– the translation of Nano into Advanced Materials and implications for regulation and policy 

Nanomaterials have evolved over the last decade to shape regulatory changes worldwide, and, with constant innovation in materials and processes, a new king is in town, Advanced Materials. Increasingly, policy makers, public authorities and funding agencies refer to advanced materials, with the European Commission moving away from reference to nanomaterials and into a focus on advanced materials in the upcoming Horizon Europe. We take a look at what exactly Advanced Materials are, whether they are a ‘thing’ at all and how actors such as the OECD and regulatory agencies are addressing the new kid in town. We also provide a short introduction to the nanomaterials sector and how nanomaterials have been used to add functionality in coatings and surfaces, with some examples from NIA’s industrial members. Overcoming some of the challenges to bringing new nanomaterials to market will also be addressed and some examples given as to how these have been overcome.

Dr Emily Haas
Senior Research Scientist
Promethean Particles

From Nano Additives to Superhydrophobic Coatings

Promethean Particles is a pioneer in the manufacture of high specification nanomaterials for a range of applications including printed electronics, energy capture and storage, healthcare, functional nanoceramics and coatings.

The company has developed breakthrough innovations in nanoparticle technologies by designing safe and commercially viable liquid dispersions at its multi-material manufacturing plant. Located at Genesis Park, Nottingham, the site manufactures nanoparticles with tonnes-per-year capacities through a patented continuous flow process – making it the largest reactor system of its kind in the world.

As a partner in the national, Innovate UK-funded projects ICELIP and REPETEX, Promethean Particles is involved in the development of super-hydrophobic nanomaterials for use in repellent coatings. Since the projects contain partners from all parts of the value chain, they provide a great overview of how nanomaterials can be adapted and upscaled using Promethean’s continuous flow manufacturing methodology, to then be formulated downstream into a functional coating.

Michael Bryant
Associate Professor in Tribology and Corrosion Engineering
Institute of Functional Surfaces

Engineering functional surfaces for Total Hip Replacements

The ability to control and manage the wear and corrosion of biomedical orthopaedic implants is vital for their long term functionality. Surface coatings provide an attractive solution to this problem. However since their introduction, coated implants have been plagued with issues associated with corrosion, delamination and high wear. This talk will explore some of the challenges associated with the development of coatings for the use in Total Hip Replacements, cover current industrial and clinical drivers and past experiences of coating technologies. Finally, work underway at the University of Leeds to address some outstanding issues will be presented.

European Poison Centre Notifications (PCN)

European Poison Centre Notifications (PCN)

Nirav Banker
Business Head (UK, Asia-Pacific and Middle East)

Dr. Pilar Ortiz-Alías
Regulatory Affairs
SIAM S.L., Spain

The new Annex VIII to the CLP Regulation, defines the harmonised requirements for Poison Centre Notifications (PCN) applicable as of the start of 2021. Importers and/or downstream users will have the obligation of submitting this information to EU Member States in order to be used by their respective Poison centres in case of emergency health response. Some general topics in this webinar will include – What is a Poison Centre? What is required? What is the UFI code?, others, Q&A session

OCCA Digital Week Webinar

10 March
2:30pm GMT

High Performance Catalysts for Solvent Borne Oxidatively Curing Coatings

Allison Musto
Technical Service Manager Europe
Borchers GmbH

Coatings based on oxidatively cured alkyd resins have relied on conventional metal carboxylate driers for decades. Today, the most used metal carboxylate is cobalt. Although cobalt and metal carboxylate surface driers are efficient in curing, their utilization brings many performance and regulatory drawbacks. These systems may encounter yellowing, marginal dry time improvement, and wrinkling at high film thicknesses. Solvent borne long oil and high solid systems also present their own challenges in which formulators typically need a large quantity of conventional driers to find adequate cure. Most importantly, there is a global initiative to remove cobalt carboxylate driers from all paint formulations.

This presentation will show the benefits that organometal complex driers bring to alkyd coatings. As well as introduce a new novel drier technology which fills the gap to improve cure in the most challenging solvent borne systems. These organometal complexes not only improve dry time and paint performance, but also improve the labeling of the paint system by utilizing cobalt- free, VOC-free (in waterborne coatings), and APEO-free technology.

Live demonstration of IKA’s Rotavisc Viscometer

Live demonstration of IKA’s Rotavisc Viscometer

Kevin Mann
Senior Sales Manager
IKA England

IKA’s Rotavisc Viscometers are capable of measuring the viscosity of a variety of samples such as resins, coatings and gels. With modern features, a 10 year warranty and UK based service, the Rotavisc is a reliable lab partner. Join us while we showcase the IKA Viscometer. The webinar will mainly focus on methods for measuring the viscosity of various surface and coatings products.

New Water Borne Flexibilized Epoxy Dispersion


Karl Rossmann
TS&BD Manager Metal Protective

While the performance of water borne primer systems meets industry standards, end-users and governments are becoming more stringent on VOC emissions during the coating process. Regardless, allnex is committed to continue with sustainable developments for every industry.
Consequently the ultimate challenge for coating formulators has become : How to balance performance, cost and VOC of their WB 2K epoxy primer?
Using BECKOPOX® EP 2387w/53WA combined with BECKOCURE® EH 2100w/44WA or BECKOCURE EH 2261w/41WA , delivers a highly flexible, ultra low VOC and corrosion resistant metal primer, balancing cost and performance, most suitable for General Industry, Railway, ACE and many other applications where performance matters.

Oliver Truchses (BSc)
TS&BD Manager

Manage Your Chemical Compliance with Yordas Hive

Manage Your Chemical Compliance with Yordas Hive

Yordas Hive was created to meet growing market demand for accurate, up-to-date regulatory data on chemicals globally. Our customers were looking for a tool that brings them updates faster, in a platform that is highly customisable to their regulations and substances of interest. Yordas Hive provides this and much more…

Turkey KKDIK – Get Ready for Pre-registration and Registration

Turkey KKDIK – Get ready for pre-registration and registration

Many hundreds of companies are busy pre-registering their substances in advance of the 31 December 2020 pre-registration deadline in Turkey. Alongside the pre-registration are other related obligations such as C&L notification and SDS certification.

With the registration window about to start, are you ready to finalise your pre-registrations and start the discussions on data sharing?

The session will cover:

  • Overview of Turkey KKDIK, CLP and SDS regulations
  • Identifying your role and obligations within your supply chain
  • Appointing an OR, submitting pre-registrations and C&L notifications
  • Preparing a strategy for registration


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