IKA Temperature Control Equipment

IKA offers a wide range of high-precision temperature control systems for temperature ranges of -30°C to 250°C. The product portfolio includes immersion circulators, heating bath circulators and recirculating chillers. Featuring precise technology and a user-friendly design all IKA temperature control instruments meet the highest standards in terms of safety, power and intelligence.

IKA’s Dispersers

Whether used for homogenizing, emulsifying or suspending – IKA’s ULTRA-TURRAX dispersers enable the best possible results. Due to their broad spectrum of dispersing tools, IKA homogenizers are highly effective for a variety of uses. Common disperser uses include: homogenization of effluent samples, dispersing tasks under vacuum pressure, and PCR analysis.

IKA’s Formulation Laboratory Reactors

IKA lab reactors are the ultimate systems when it comes to optimizing and reproducing chemical reaction, mixing, dispersing, and homogenization processes on a lab scale. The lab reactors can be individually customized to perform numerous tasks, including: production of creams, coatings, resins & lotions.