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Lisam Systems: towards the Full Digitisation of Hazard Information

One of the many challenges faced by chemical manufacturers and buyers is the availability and relevance of the safety documents provided by their suppliers. More often than not, suppliers SDS are either missing, not compliant or not updated in a timely manner. These failures to comply constitute a significant safety risk for manufacturers and chemical downstream users and jeopardize the HSE compliance efforts of countless companies.

Lisam’s purpose is to respond to this challenge by facilitating hazard communication through the digitisation and centralisation of your SDS.


To achieve this goal, we have developed software solutions which will not only address the compliance and quality issues of the received SDS but will also enable the communication of hazard information from your suppliers and to customers.

Our solutions include:

  • Automated document request (update request, missing or wrong SDS information);
  • Automated assessment of SDS template quality with our SDS Robot;
  • Digitisation of supplier SDS with our SDS Robot;
  • Eased processing of digital SDS to author your own compliant documents;
  • Automated distribution of the authored documents to your own customers;
  • Simplified generation of safety documents based on digital SDS for downstream users.
  • Straightforward comparison and validation of the content of the supplier SDS.
  • Automated content matching with our standard phrases catalogue
  • Eased processing of digital SDS to author your own compliant documents (in multiple formats and languages)


What’s in it for you:

+ ensured compliance
+ enhanced time efficiency
+ increased productivity

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Safety, Regulatory and Safe Handling of Chemicals

Safety, Regulatory and Safe Handling of Chemicals are topics that constantly challenge the global Chemicals industry at all times.
There is a need for companies to understand the correct regulatory, classification, symbols and pictograms.  It’s not just enough to write SDSs ‘in-house’ without employing proper tools or knowledge resources or simply copy-pasting safety data sheets from competitors, suppliers or from the internet as these could be quite misleading!  Yet another requirement for companies aspiring to get various types of Quality, Compliance, other certifications is to have proper systems in place including those of Safety, Regulatory and Safe handling of Chemicals regardless of being hazardous, non-hazardous chemicals or both.

 SIAM SL, Spain based in the world famous La Rioja wine region of Spain develops IT Solutions and Software for the automatic Classification, Formulation and Authoring of Safety Data Sheets for single substances and mixtures falling under CLP and GHS regulations.  SIAM provides a highly versatile software (CHEMETER) for preparing multilingual SDS in over 55 world regulatory/languages and multilingual product labelling and provides SDS AREA, a platform for easy distribution and management of Safety Data Sheets.
Both CHEMETER and SDS AREA solutions offer major time-savings to companies over traditional methods of authoring SDSs as well as using old software since both solutions come with latest features suited to the current and evolving safety regulations in over 55 countries.   CHEMETER software is easy to understand, open and flexible and built-up in a modular fashion to suit your exact needs at any given time.

1000+ clients across 45 countries that use CHEMETER software and SDS AREA include a variety of manufacturers, exporters, importers, distributors, traders, MSME’s, OEM’s into all kinds of Chemicals, API’s and Plastics and coming from all walks of industry including CASE, Petrochemicals, Pigments, Resins & Additives, Dyes & Dispersions, Textile and Leather Chemicals, Cleaning & Construction Chemicals, Lubes & Greases, Cosmetics, Solvents, Rubber, Plastics, Detergents, Flavours & Fragrances, Water Treatment Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Monomers and Polymers, Resins and more.

Come 1st November 2020 and CHEMETER software will offer its users an additional module specially designed to help users manage the EU’s new regulation of UFI (Unique Formula Identifier) Code in order to comply with the EU’s new Poison Centre Notification (PCN) requirements for hazardous mixtures being supplied into the EU.   The module automatically creates PCN dossiers for harmonised notifications and within a few minutes, users can upload files with all necessary documentation, automatic UFI code generation, toxicological information, complete chemical composition, etc.   It is a simplified and easy step-by-step process and significant time-saver compared to the 2-3 hours odd it otherwise takes to generate PCN for a single product using the official portal.

You can get more information about SIAM’s Regulatory IT Solutions on or by sending an email to:

Nirav Banker
(UK, Asia & Middle-East Business Head)

UK Mobile: (+44) 747 096 4875