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Xfast® Easy Color: Clean. Convenient. Superior.

Xfast® from BASF Colors & Effects is an innovative pigment preparation supplied in a novel granule form for solid-dosing of in-plant and point-of-sale coatings. Used in conjunction with the latest dispensing machinery XF200 from our partners at Hero , a customized formulation of colorant can now be dosed directly into the base paint for easy handling, accurate tinting and reduced costs.

  • Switching to dry preparations allows for a state-of the-art EHS profile with low biocide content that supports label-free and eco-label requirements. Xfast® is APEO, MIT and CIT free and suitable for VOC free formulations.
  • Xfast® colourants offer a very high pigment content, fully dispersed and supplied in a free-flowing, low-dusting format for ease of use. Solid dosing means no sedimentation, stable homogenization, reduced maintenance time and 100% uptake.
  • The Hero XF200 machine uses a double screw mechanism and TintWise® software for maximum accuracy of gravimetric dosing that allows for full reproducibility of in-plant and in-can tinting formulations.

Hero XF200 has been designed for exclusive use with the BASF Xfast® pigment preparations to open up vast opportunities for intense colours in a wide range of decorative and architectural applications for interior and exterior. In these videos you can have a closer look at the functionality of the XF200 equipment and explore the POS concept.

Please speak to BTC for further information or to enquire about additional services such as colour-matching. Contact Chris Morgan, Head of Sales Coatings, Inks and Plastics. Phone: +44 161 475 3254, Mobile: +44 7831 684 933, Email: christopher.morgan@btc-europe.com

The first solid dispensing system for point of sale (POS) is ready to revolutionize the market for decorative paints and coatings. With the dispensing machine XF200 a customized formulation of solid colorants can be dosed directly into the base paint, improving the everyday handling of POS systems and reducing costs significantly.

Press Releases

Why it’s time to embrace digital colour masters

A combination of digital standards and industry-leading instruments enables businesses to reduce costs and wastage across the entire supply chain by getting the colour of every component right first time.

Investment in R&D excellence from quality control instrument specialist BYK-Gardner enables companies across the globe to achieve consistent measurement and control of important characteristics such as colour. And not just colour. BYK-Gardner instruments measure many other characteristics such as gloss, orange peel, multi-angled colour, sparkle, graininess, colour fastness, cloudiness, transparency, clarity and haziness.

This is achieved through industry-leading LED illuminated instruments with optimal inter-instrument agreement and enables true full digital masters to be introduced for all these characteristics. The digital masters can easily be distributed through the supply chain making a digital approval process possible at every stage, in every location from beginning to end.

Guarantee repeatable product quality across time and space
Digital masters include spectral data and client requirements, while also allowing automatic colour identification where appropriate. Measurement tolerances and an instant pass/fail can be included on both hand-held and robotic installations. The result is self-approval throughout the supply chain and improved harmony between products to guarantee a high right-first-time rate.

Working with major manufacturers across many industries, the benefits from reductions in waste and delay as well as improvements in communication of measurement data, to productivity, quality and sustainability deliver a complete return on investment – the instruments can pay for themselves!
Digital masters can be sent by e-mail as an xml file to locations anywhere in the world. They have applications within industries including automotive, coatings, plastics, printing inks leather and even wine.

Blagden distributes BYK-Gardner instruments to companies across the United Kingdom. To find out how your business can benefit from the use of these instruments in combination with digital masters, call Simon Moss at Blagden on 01959 560818 or email.

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